miercuri, 31 decembrie 2008


I go to sleep for the last afternoon of this year, I wanted to say that I'm glad I'm alive, enough healthy and powerful. I have them, I have you, sometimes, then you, all of you. And then there's me and my inner stuff, bad or worse, or even better, but more issues will come up in time, while others will hopefully disappear... But then again, only time will tell...

luni, 22 decembrie 2008

Before I die


Ce-as face - 3 lucruri:

1. Mi-as lua cate 3 minute pentru fiecare persoana care mi-a lasat o amintire frumoasa ca sa-i multumesc.

2. As merge la New York, apoi definitiv pe o plaja departe in Tanzania.
3. As cere pentru mai mult...
Mariuquis, te bagi?

duminică, 21 decembrie 2008

Daca ai fi stiut...

ca nu merge, ai mai fi incercat?
In fond, ai fi putut sa eviti.
Pe de alta parte, suntem o suma de experiente si emotii.
Eu... n-as da timpul petrecut cu tine pentru nimic. Si poate ca nici TU...
Dar tu?

marți, 16 decembrie 2008

Deja vu - in and out of

Postul de dinainte. Sau de la inceput. De sfarsit :)
Sezonul a inceput in forta. Cu acelasi client de anul trecut. Cu 3 din cele 4 teste de anul trecut. Tot eu. Redundant. Cu unul pe care mi l-am luat eu, ca sa fie nou, sa nu mor de plictiseala.
Si intru iar in agitatie. Cu documentele, cu discutiile, cu documentarea. De nebuna, zici ca-mi taie cineva capul.
Iar vin acasa la ora la care baietii suspecti sunt la bloc. In seara asta, imi luasem paine si era punga transparenta. Mi-au zis: o seara placuta si pofta buna. Ce sa mai...
Vad stirile de la 10, la 11 e mircea. Deja sunt jumate adormita. Vad reluarea la 7-7.30.
Inca n-am inceput sa cumpar gel de dush din benzinarii, dar curand... am o presimtire. Deja vu? Insa anul asta, shoppingul e doar online. Altfel, cand? Cum? Sambata am inventare sau TPE. Sau lucrez, evident :)
Acum, inca mai deschid calculatorul, va mai si citesc. Deschid si los 40 principales. Si-ascult muzica de acolo, stii tu... Si inca tin minte ca tre sa-mi caut bilet (ruby, promit sa ma uit in weekend sa vad cum stam). Si planuiesc sa merg cu fetele la film. Abia astept weekendurile, iau si eu cadourile in sfarsit de la birou :)
Waiting for the after...

miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008

How I love skimming

It's one of my favourite ways to waste time. Lately, I have been skimming blogs, with the great function "next blog", on top of the page.
It brought me to a blog dedicated to a new love, celebrating even 12 days of relationship, artists' blogs, one with a great photo post of a book cover, vera gnomad's blog (taking a midget doll everywhere), blogs from Malaysia and about plants.
I also like bumping into things that I've seen before and ignored, like the Noble prize winner book of Soljenitin, that I've seen around and started talking, ramdomly today about it, while deciding to search to buy it.
While these are out there, I'm in here, trying to figure out why should I study for F5 and if there's some way it can take me to where I really want. But questioning time is over. It will take me to where I want, as now I cannot tell where.
And the new nighty passion is a serial, which took place for "Criminal Minds"that I was watching approximately during Ark time and I subsequently lost it.. a.k.a started sleeping before 12.30. CSI Investigations. What a smart guy. What an interesting way to put it: Maths, Logic and Physics.
Now, to sleep. Tomorrow is another day...