marți, 2 septembrie 2008

If you saw me .. today..

If you saw me smiling today, it was because...
1) .. it was my last day at work before some 8 days of vacation
2) .. I was thinking about my days to come in Barcelona, with my friends and new memories
3) .. I had a great laugh from the funny email with the waxing guy
4) .. I was a waiting spectator at the morning show of life
5) .. I thought about the cold bed that I so much love and just left behind, while I was cold all night long and hugged Fulga
6) .. I have an appointment for at least 3 hours at the beauty parlor tomorrow
7) .. I was thinking about you and you and how my life would be so very different with either one of you
8) .. I am so grateful for the small signs of life I'm observing.. my feet are getting cold..
9) .. I saw you feeling better after him
10) .. I am hiding what's inside..
and I am still waiting for me...

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