sâmbătă, 23 august 2008

Fa-ti bagajele si hai ...

Ce ciudat ! Cand am inceput sa scriu titlul postului, care trebuia sa fie "Facts about me and my life", mi-a aparut asta.. "Fa-ti bagajele si hai ..." Nu am postat nimic cu fraza asta, nici nu am scriu pe undeva, in vreun mail sau ceva.. Then what is it?? Cred in coincindente si ciudatenii si-am decis sa las numele postului asa.

Do you know what "we just click !" means? Neither did I, until last year. It means connecting on a very special base, understand glances and moves, feelings and sensations. I clicked with someone. But I right-clicked.And did not know what to do next. But I know now I "ignore".I wasn't sure, I did not know what to do. I am now left with the past and the present memories: movies, walks,words, catchwords and smiles. Promised myself that, if I ever find that again, I will double-click.

God keeps reminding me about what's important. My dad has undertaken an intervention. And nothing else matters since then. Going home soon to see him, thanking God he is fine. No career thoughts, no other personal issues. It was just me, the phone rings with my mom and my prayers. 'Cause nothing else matters...

The gap is getting wider everyday. I don't knw what goes so wrong. Is it me? Is it you? Is it the time, too long? I would make it smaller, but I continuously hit a wall. Like a tired ox, I'm now sweating - less force, less motivation. Trying to get some rest soon. And by the way, those are sweat drops, not tears. Or ...?

Will the vacation have the Las Palmas effect? The isle that made me so happy?Where I was the happiest I've ever been? No worries, no stress, just pure life. Last night I dreamed of coming back from Hyperdino, Ruby's, to my home. Going pass the terrases, the small coffee shops, the church, the paved road to "tranquilidad". Will that ever come back? I could you at least a small dose of substitute for the tired soul, to keep the thoughts away.

Some days left..
Imi fac bagajele si "hai" ...

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Mariuca spunea...

Ayyyy..cat ma bucur ca acum pot comenta :) Macar pt atat si se merita sa intru in lumea bloggerilor hehehe.
Postul asta m-a emotionat nici nu stii cat..mi-am dat seama ca simtim la fel,ne e dor de aceleasi lucruri..ma regasesc complet.
Les quiero chicas..my dream team:P