miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008

How I love skimming

It's one of my favourite ways to waste time. Lately, I have been skimming blogs, with the great function "next blog", on top of the page.
It brought me to a blog dedicated to a new love, celebrating even 12 days of relationship, artists' blogs, one with a great photo post of a book cover, vera gnomad's blog (taking a midget doll everywhere), blogs from Malaysia and about plants.
I also like bumping into things that I've seen before and ignored, like the Noble prize winner book of Soljenitin, that I've seen around and started talking, ramdomly today about it, while deciding to search to buy it.
While these are out there, I'm in here, trying to figure out why should I study for F5 and if there's some way it can take me to where I really want. But questioning time is over. It will take me to where I want, as now I cannot tell where.
And the new nighty passion is a serial, which took place for "Criminal Minds"that I was watching approximately during Ark time and I subsequently lost it.. a.k.a started sleeping before 12.30. CSI Investigations. What a smart guy. What an interesting way to put it: Maths, Logic and Physics.
Now, to sleep. Tomorrow is another day...

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Mariuca spunea...

Very nice post Mikisor!
Go to sleep and stop watching series :D:D:D Pupici

Tigrutza spunea...