vineri, 23 ianuarie 2009

Looking at the good part...

Besides the "too much work" part and some parts of you, I can say:

a) I kinda discovered two new nice persons

b) thrilled of another 2, one guessing and the other re-confirming

c) I have seen a flight simulator for pilots (great machinery!)

d) I have laughed in front of a factory in Pitesti 25min while waiting for the taxi

e) I have confused people with my Tufic (I know, I know, Chafik), the Tunisian guy and danced in the fancy restaurant while waiting for the freakin' food

f) I have finally decided to allow someone to massage me, hopefully I'm not gonna kick her if it hurts

g)Kept the smile and the make-up on

h) And kinda looking forward for next with in Constanta

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Mariuca spunea...

Hey, I want to's the flight simulator...and how was the massage? :)
Si mi-ai facut tare duc sa imi desfac un compot de ananas :P