marți, 29 iulie 2008


Lately, I have planned a lot. I don't know exactly why, maybe because I needed a solid ground to rely on.

I expect from my self:

- to listen deeply
- to laugh more
- to generate well defined goals and follow them
- to look up in the sky, pick a star and go for the light
- to search more thoroughly
- to hold on to people I love
- to travel more and further
- to go back to places that changed me
- to try harder
- to decide !!

2 comentarii:

Ovidiu-Catalin spunea...

Nice thinking at such late hour. Add-on:
- to listen deeply to what deserves that
- to search more thoroughly where you can find something
- to realize what things had changed you and in what way
Regarding your last expectation... Every day when I go to bathroom (:)) I pass near a banner with a tool: "Effizienz in Entscheidung prozess". Maybe, some day I'll enter the nearby room and I'll ask for that tool. I'll explain to them that I don't need it for a application or another tool that was developed for, I need it for myself. And, maybe together we'll implement an adapter that fits my needs. And like that song... "Things will gonna get better!"

Tigrutza spunea...

You're right Cata.
If you can get the tool, let me know so I can borrow it, at least for a while.
And I'm trying so that things can get better :)

Take care out there !