miercuri, 23 iulie 2008

If people were fonts...

I've watched a stupid video on collegehumour relating to this subject, but the idea sounded really interesting. I thought about what would I be.

Well, I could be "R". Round-ish - somehow positive, but also pretty straight. If you ask me to write, I will start with "R". Most of the times, I will continue with "apid". But this might not mean a lot these days as compared to past. I never had a boyfriend whose name started with "R", so this two things are not connected. On the other had, most important guys in my life are "F" (like the Fuborg stupid commercial - hopely, they did not had a pheasant as a pet). But I associate "F" with "fuck", so.. neah... I don;t really know where "R" comes from, but I see it as mine. I love drawing it and bolding it. It lookes strong and stable.

Rabbit (bugs and its carrots - me lately), Real, Rest ...

What letter are you?
P.S. Let's not forget Ruby (cica, con, etc)

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